Tuesday, November 09, 2004

PDA Money

PDA Money, which comes bundled with the T|E, is a rebranded version of SplashMoney 2.95. I persuaded Handmark to give me an upgrade to version 3.01, but it appears that this is not happening any more. Even worse, if you install the demo of SplashMoney 3 over the top of PDA Money, it does not recognize the older data. However, an enterprising reader/hacker called Charlwin has found a way to get around this problem (remember kiddies, if you do this at home, have adult supervision and back-up your data, then back-up your back-up and mail that to someone on another continent, just in case!).
1. HotSync your Palm;

2. Find the backup PDA Money .PDB files on your PC. Generally speaking,
they are saved at C:\Program Files\Palm\username>. For example, my files can be found at "C:\Program

3. The prefix of the files of PDA Money 2.95 is "PDMN-" while the prefix
of the ones of Splash Money 3.01 is "SpMn-". There are two types of .PDB
files of each program: configuration file and account file. For example,
PDA Money has following configuration files
and following account file (if you have an account called "Master

4. Open the PDMN files in any Hex editor:
For configuration file:
At offset 00000000h-00000003h, "PDMN" => "SpMn";
At offset 0000003ch-00000043h, "PmLThMPm" => "SmLTSpMn".
For account file:
At offset 00000000h-00000003h, "PDMN" => "SpMn";
At offset 0000003ch-00000043h, "PMAThMPm" => "SMATSpMn".
All changes are case sensitive.

5. Change the filenames of modified files, e.g. "PDMN-Master_Card.PDB"
should be changed to "SpMn-Master_Card.PDB".

6. HotSync again. Check your account and configuration in Splash Money

Note: In order to make the hacking smoothly, I created an account called
"Master Card" in both PDA Money and Splash Money. I don't know if there
is any restriction on importing an unknown account into Splash Money. If
you encounter any problem, please add empty accounts in Splash Money,
which should have the same name as the real ones in PDA Money before

Good luck!


T5 and Fitaly

I had been very tempted to upgrade my T|E to a T5 (that is an upgrade), but fortunately Paul Nevai has drawn attention to the following discussion on the Fitaly Forum.

I think I will wait until after Christmas, by which time the price might have dropped and the poor guys at Fitaly will have had a chance to work at the problem.