Sunday, November 14, 2004

Tungsten T5 - Early Warnings

I am currently evaluating a T5 (with an option to buy - should I?) and will write a proper review soon. Meanwhile, I thought it would be a good idea to list my disasters. Note that this is a recent model with teh updated ROM so it does not have the infamous Calendar bug.

1. The T5 has the same version of Contacts as the Zire72 (i.e. with a photo field), so you must transfer your contacts data either via Palm Deskyop/Outlook/iSync or by beaming categories. If you try to beam the Contacts database with a file manager like Filez or FileProg, or simply install that database with a Hotsync, it will cause an irrecoverable error on the T5 requiring a hard reset.

2. Drive Mode shows both the internal flash drive and the SD card in Finder (very good), so I wondered if Card Export did as well. Do not wonder this: istalling Card Export will also cause an irrecoverable system error requiring a hard reset, presumably because Drive Mode uses teh same technology. On teh other hand, the Missing Sync seems to work OK.

Not a disaster but worth noting: they must have changed how the 5-way Nav works, because it is not supported in some 3rd party applications. Take LauncherX: this handles the screen with aplomb, but you cannot select or launch an application with the 5-nav! You can move between tabs, but pressing 'Select' does nothing.

I should also say: despite its faults, all of which I expect to see rectified over the coming months, there is a lot to like about the T5.