Sunday, November 21, 2004

UKPUG Meet in York

The agreed date for the informal meet in York was Saturday 4th December (i.e. two weeks from yesterday).

Here are the details again:

Sat 4th December, 12.30 p.m., Downstairs at The Varsity Pub, 6 Lendal, York, YO1 8AA

The Location

I did a test run yesterday and decided it is not necessary to book a meeting room. Instead I will arrive about 12 and set up camp in the downstairs bar, which is usually empty at that time.

The Varsity is listed as having a wi-fi hotspot, but the barman knew nothing about it. I will do some more research.

Travel Arrangements

One of the advantages of this pub is that it is very easy to get to. Here is a map.

By Train: Turn left out of the station and keep going in that direction. You will soon cross the river on Lendal Bridge. Lendal itself is the first right after Lendal Bridge.

By car: Park in St Mary's car park off Bootham. Walk across the Museum Gardens (the site of the old St Mary's Abbey). The exit from the gardens faces down Lendal. You should be able to see the pub sign from there.

On the Day

Please email me in advance if you are planning to come. Feel free to text or phone me once your are in transit or if you get lost. My mobile number is on the UKPUG page.