Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Treo Photos

Here are a couple of photos of York's Millenium Bridge taken at dusk with the Treo (last Friday, before the snow came). The second is ever so slightly enhanced in iPhoto to regain a bit of the detail.

Treo 600 - first post

I have had the Treo 600 since Friday and like it very much. The low res screen is not so pretty, but for my own use, makes very little difference.

Setting up GPRS with Virgin (who have a pay as you go GPRS service - ideal for light users) was a pain: in the end I discovered that the best thing to do was ignore much of their advice. When I checked the settings on my wife's phone, I discovered that it was not using the IP address that Virgin support specify, so I set IP address to automatic. And then I set password to 'Prompt' and all is hunky-dory.

Receiving Gmail is fine. I have it set to 'Leave messages on server' whereas Eudora on my home Mac is set to 'delete' (with Gmail, it does not really delete them), the effect of which is that I only get mails on the Treo which have not been downloaded to the Mac, but the Mac gets all of them.

Sending with Gmail appears not to be possible with Handspring Mail: something to do with the ports used by the SSL. Reading the Gmail discussion groups, it may be possible with Snapper, but it is easy enough to use the SMTP server of my ISP and Bcc all messages back to my Gmail account.

Other things I will post about over this week (life permitting):

1. Proporta Alu-leather case - fantastic!
2. Low res skins for LauncherX - OK, but could be better
3. Essential utilities: Butler, KeyCaps600 and FieldPlus.
4. Diddlebug and the digitizer - yuck