Tuesday, March 01, 2005

SplashMoney 4

SplashMoney 4 has been released and is a paid for upgrade for existing users. This initially irritated me, because they had released a public beta, which converted my data to the new format, but did not say that by doing so I committed myself to forking out for the upgrade.

However, I find that my v.3 reg code works with v.4. Perhaps I shouldn't be saying this!

The main inprovement in v.4 is the ability to access online account if your bank is in North America. What's with that then? Laziness or bad market research?

Not Forgetting Today

I forgot mention that, of course, I have looked at the freeware Today app. Not only does it consider the future as present like 2Day, but it also has two serious weaknesses for Treo users:

1. It assigns two lines on the screen to each appointment or to-do, one for the text and one for the due date or time of the appointment, even if the appointment is untimed and you have chosen not to display due dates. Thus on even a mildly busy day, one needs to scroll to see everything, which ruins the point of a Today view.

2. There is no support for the Treo's navigator. At least, unlike some applications out there, it recognizes up/down, but not right/left or select. This means one cannot change view or jump to the relevant PIM app without getting the stylus out or thumbing the screen.

The good news is that I sent in a feature request (for a current time indicator in the day view) to Stewart Dewar of DateBk5 and received the following response:
I am working on a major release of Datebk5 that will have a lot of new features, and this idea is already in and working. Release is probably at least 2 months away though at this point.