Saturday, March 12, 2005

TreoAlarm (public beta)

I have been looking at TreoAlarm by Roustem Karimov. It has two functions: it is an alarm clock with 8 fully configurable alarms and a weather forecast browser. And the two functions can be connected: you can set an alarm which will turn on the phone, make a network connection and update the weather forecast.

Weather forecasts can be downloaded from the Canadian Met Office, the US Met Office or Yahoo. For British Treo users, Yahoo is probably best. The first time I had an alarm wake up the Treo, switch on the phone and download the weather, the Treo crashed. But I have not been able to reproduce that crash and every other test has worked perfectly.

Each of the 8 alarms can be set to ring on specific days of the week, and all have the interesting feature of getting progressively louder the longer they are ignored.

At first I thought it was not possible to update the weather or set an alarm (the two big buttons on the display) without tapping the screen, but an email from the developer revealed that an 'a' or a 'u' respectively does the job.

TreoAlarm is currently released as a free public beta, but the intention is to eventually charge for it, though the price is not yet decided. By my standards it counts as Hobbyware. If you have any feedback, you can email the developer: beta treoalarm com. I found him quick to respond and very helpful.