Tuesday, April 12, 2005

TreoAlarm Update

When I was on holiday on Anglesey before Easter, TreoAlarm became one of my most essential applications. I was even able to download an install an update straight to the Treo. Anyway, here is a holiday snap, looking south to Snowdonia from the farm where we were staying (needless to say, I did not take that with the Treo!).

In case you have missed it, TreoAlarm is an alarm clock and weather browser. It has 8 alarms, each of which can be set to repeat on specific days. It is also possible to use an alarm to wake up the Treo, go online and download a weather forecast. One nice innovation on the alarm clock side is that the alarm gets louder and louder the longer it is ignored. The weather can be downloaded from Yahoo (which in turn comes from The Weather Channel), the Canadian Met Office or the US Met Office. The downloads are handled by a dedicated TreoAlarm server.

Though it is still in beta, the application is very stable and most of the updates add new features. The latest (0.98c) adds two new features, one of which was my suggestion I am pleased to say.

On the left we see the option to sync the Treo's clock with a network timeserver, and on the right we see the option to display not just the time of the last weather update, but also the time since the last update, which is much more useful to my mind.