Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Signing Off

It is now almost three months since I last posted to this blog. The hiatus started when I had "life stuff" going on for a while, but after a few weeks of not posting other considerations kicked in.

One, which I am only beginning to fully appreciate now, is that a website like this is unavoidably materialistic in outlook. I have always eschewed advertising and try to avoid mentioning prices in reviews, but it remains that the whole point of the blog is to share information and opinions about things, specifically, things one can buy.

The second reason is that I am going through a slow, considered lifestyle de-tox. I am reading fewer websites, unsubscribing from magazines and mailing lists, and generally taking out of my life all those time and attention consuming activities which had become habitual. Because they are habits, and because I am not aiming for some sort of personal revolution, the change is gradual, but the effect is noticeable: when thinking about what to do, about how to fill my precious leisure time, I no longer have the back of my mind filled with thoughts of unwritten reviews, unread articles, and unanswered emails.

Thirdly, and finally, I have gone back to a prior interest in photography. At first I contemplated setting up a new blog about my flashy new camera, my thoughts on various matters photographic, and to share some of my images. But I decided that I just want to take photos, look at photos, and think about photos without feeling any need to share those activities. Sometimes I show a few images to specific people who might like them, and I did succumb to temptation and submit a few to the Digital Picture of Britain website, but mainly it is something I do for myself. And that is in part why it is so enjoyable.

I ought to end this post with a 'for the record' comment: I am still using my Treo on a day to day basis as a phone, PIM, and mobile internet access device, but I drafted this post with a fountain pen and I have just bought some Alwych notebooks (which are much nicer than Moleskines, but I am not going to write about that either).

So long and thanks for reading.