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EPSRC International Network for Spintronics Research Symposium

"From Material Development to Novel Energy Efficient Technologies"

supported by


York Tohoku Kaiserslautern Manchester Leeds Spintec

07-09 June 2021

Online (Department of Electronic Engineering, University of York)

News articles on our previous symposia can be found at:
  - Department of Electronic Engineering
  - Department of Physics

The Symposium has been successfully finished with 234 attendees from 27 countries. Thank you very much for your participation.

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Report from our symposium can be found at:
  - Report on our Symposium

List of confirmed speakers

Caroline Ross (MIT, USA)
Sara Majetich (Carnegie Mellon Univ., USA)
Naoyuki Narita (Toshiba, Japan)
Yukiko Takahashi (NIMS, Japan)
Robert Carpenter (IMEC, Belgium)
Andrii Chumak (Univ. of Vienna, Austria)
Sandrine Heutz (Imperial Coll. London, UK)

Shigemi Mizukami (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Shunsuke Fukami (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Satoshi Okamoto (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Benjamin Stadtmüller (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Philipp Pirro (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Vincent Baltz (Spintec, France)
Kévin Garello (Spintec, France)
Daria Gusakova (Spintec, France)

Thomas Thomson (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Paul Nutter (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Christoforos Moutafis (Univ. of Manchester, UK)
Thomas Moore (Univ. of Leeds, UK)
Joseph Barker (Univ. of Leeds, UK)
Oscar Cèspedes (Univ. of Leeds, UK)
Keith McKenna (Univ. of York, UK)
Gonzalo Vallejo-Fernandez (Univ. of York, UK)

The broad aim of this network is to demonstrate a new spintronic logic concept with low-energy consumption by developing a new magnetic material, designing a new logic circuit and characterising them for yield improvement based on our longstanding collaborations with Tohoku University in Japan specialised in material development and device production, Technische Universitšt Kaiserslautern in Germany focused on magneto-optical phenomena and magnonic logics, and Spintec in France dedicated for spintronic device production and evaluation. This symposium is the keck-off meeting of this network project.

We have been organising the York-Tohoku Research Symposium over the last 10 years partially funded by the Symposium Scheme for Japanese researchers based in the UK by the JSPS London. We expanded our symposium series to establish tri-national collaborations between York-Tohoku-Kaiserslautern on "New-Concept Spintronics Devices" since 2015 via EPSRC-JSPS Core-to-Core program, which funds "best with best" principle. We now successfully expand our symposium series by EPSRC International Network Programme with including Manchester, Leeds and Spintec.

This symposium is open for everyone with free registration (closed). The Zoom link was sent to all registrants. Please contact us if you have not received it as some e-mails were bounced back. We wish to have fruitful discussion on spintronics devices as well as future collaborations between the UK/EU and Japan.


As this kick-off meeting is organised online free of charge, we require those wishing to attend to register using the registration form before 4 June 2021.

This symposium is funded through the EPSRC research grant on EPSRC International Network for Spintronics Research Symposium "From Material Development to Novel Energy Efficient Technologies" (EP/M02458X/1) jointly with Core Research Cluster for Spintronics and OPTIMAS.

EPSRC Core research cluster OPTIMAS