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We have early summer (typically around 12°C maximum). More details can be found on our departmental weather satation and BBC weather.

We recommend to fly into the Manchester Airport connecting via major European aiports, such as Frankfurt, Paris, Helsinki and Copenhagen. From the Manchester Aiport, TransPennine Express offers direct services to York (approximately 1 hour 30 minutes).

For those plan to visit the other places in the U.K., BritRail Pass will offer some discount within a limited period for non-U.K. residents.

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York-Tohoku-Kaiserslautern Research Symposium on

"New-Concept Spintronics Devices"

supported by

EPSRC-JSPS Core-to-Core Programme

York Tohoku Kaiserslautern

12-14 June 2019

Departments of Physics and Electronic Engineering, University of York

List of confirmed speakers

Hideo Ohno (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Koki Takanashi (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Masafumi Shirai (Tohoku Univ., Japan)
Eiji Saitoh (Tohoku Univ. & Univ. of Tokyo, Japan)
Hiroaki Sukegawa (NIMS, Japan)
Takahide Kubota (Tohoku Univ., Japan)

Burkard Hillebrands (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Georg von Freymann (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)
Evangelos Papaioannou (TU Kaiserslautern, Germany)

Stephen McVitie (Univ. of Glasgow, U.K.)
Thomas Thomson (Univ. of Manchester, U.K.)
Chris Marrows (Univ. of Leeds, U.K.)
Jo Barker (Univ. of Leeds, U.K.)

Bernard Dieny (Spintec, France)
Vincent Baltz (Spintec, France)
Johan Swerts (Imec, Belgium)
Robert Carpenter (Imec, Belgium)
Günter Reiss (Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany)
Markus Meinert (Univ. of Bielefeld, Germany)
Mathias Kläui (JG Univ. of Mainz, Germany)
Libor Šmejkal (Academy of Sci., Czech Republic)

Andrew Kent (New York Univ., U.S.A.)
Axel Hoffmann (Argonne Nat'l. Lab., U.S.A.)

Aires Ferreira (Univ. of York, U.K.)
Keith McKenna (Univ. of York, U.K.)
Andrew Pratt (Univ. of York, U.K.)

Spintronics is one of the emerging fields in condensed matter physics and has been utilised intensively in magnetic recording, i.e., hard disk drives. In spintronics, Japan has a leading position in high-quality film growth and device fabrication. The U.K. leads in characterisation and modelling.

We have been organising the York-Tohoku Research Symposium over the last 10 years partially funded by the Symposium Scheme for Japanese researchers based in the U.K. by the JSPS London. We now successfully expand our symposium series to establish tri-national collaborations between York-Tohoku-Kaiserslautern on "New-Concept Spintronics Devices". This is funded by EPSRC-JSPS Core-to-Core program, which funds "best with best" principle. The first two days of this symposium is dedicated as an open symposium of our Core-to-Core project.

This symposium is open for everyone with free registration. We offer attendees opportunities to present their works as posters over lunch and breaks. We wish to have fruitful discussion on spintronics devices as well as future collaborations between the U.K./E.U. and Japan.

Student Travel Support

At the present time we have secured five travel bursaries for postgraduate students in the sum of 150 each from the IEEE Magnetics Society UKRI Chapter and another five bursaries from the Institute of Physics in the same amount. These 10 bursaries will be awarded so as to encourage attendance from as many different research groups in the U.K. as possible and also on the cost of travel from the location of the research group. Students awarded travel bursaries will be required to put up posters of their work in return for the funding. However students and other attendees are encouraged to present posters.
Please ask Mrs. Susan Remmer for the travel support. Please provide the title of your poster to be presented and an approximate cost of your travel,

Funding agencies

As this is the final workshop of our Core-to-Core grant to be held in the U.K. there will be attendance and an information service from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science (JSPS). Japan has a wide array of grant funding for short visits, student exchanges in the summer and even co-funding with local European agencies such as EPSRC. The funding for these programmes is very generous and hence the symposium provides opportunities for academics from other UK research groups to find details of what is available. Full details can be found at the JSPS London website. Additionally we have invited representatives from EPSRC and STFC to attend.


As catering is provided at the symposium free of charge we require those wishing to attend to register using the registration form before 31st May 2019. A number of en-suite rooms in the university residence are available but these are strictly limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Thereafter attendees will have to find their own accommodation but should be aware that there is a major horse racing event in York immediately following our workshop. Hence prices and availability may be somewhat challenging.

This symposium is funded through the EPSRC research grant on "Spintronic Devices for Integrated Logic Circuits" (EP/M02458X/1) jointly with JSPS Core-to-Core Program on "International Research Center for New-Concept Spintronics Devices" and OPTIMAS.