Andrew Monk's downloadable material

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Downloadable tutorial guides in Telcare and AT

Evaluating and expanding your telecare service Course notes.

Making a Net Neighbours Service a how to do it a guide.

Post installation technique questions another how to do it a guide.

Post installation technique forms to go with above.

Downloadable tutorial guides in HCI

How to do user testing using Cooperative Evaluation photociable appendix from Monk et al. 1993.

Ambient Kitchen: designing situated services using a high fidelity prototyping environment Paper on pervasive computing in the kitchen.

Rich picture paperby Monk and Howard (1998).

Noddy's guide to consistency published in Interfaces, No. 45 Winter 2000, 4-7.

Noddy's guide to HCI published in Interfaces, 2002 (50) pp 31-33.

User-centred design: the home use challenge in Sloane, A. and van Rijn, F. Home informatics and telematics: information technology and society. Boston: Kluwer Academic Publishers, pp. 181-190.
This can be read as a view of what HCI has achieved over the years.

Monk and Gale preprint for Seminar 7, Human Factor Advanced Module

Monk, "Fun, communication and dependability: extending the concept of usability", Closing Plenary at HCI2002, (for Human Factor Advanced Module)

Monk and Lelos, "Changing only the aesthetic features of a domestic product can affect its apparent usability", HOIT 2007, (for Human Factor Advanced Module)

Downloadable abstracts from "Computers and Fun" workshops

Computers and Fun 1 1999

Computers and Fun 2 2000

Computers and Fun 3 2001

Downloadable Software

Action Simulator is the spreadsheet production system. Described in Monk & Curry, 1994. ActionSim package is a Macintosh folder containing instructions and all the files you need to run the spreadsheet using Excel for the Macintosh (you must of course have Microsoft Excel).

The file is a binhexed self expanding archive. When you have the un-binhexed self expanding archive on your desk top, double clicking will cause it to expand into a folder.

Please let me know of any improvements you make and any interesting uses you find for it.

Windows version coming soon!

Clark's levels of joint action

This spreadsheet ellaborates Clark's model of langauge use to a three person conversation where one person is a periperal participant (see Monk, A.F. (2003) Common ground in electronically mediated communication: Clark's theory of language use, in Carroll, J.M. "HCI models, theories and frameworks: towards a multidisciplinary science", San Francisco: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers, pp. 265-289.)

Downloadable Research Papers

No non copyright material currently available. A complete list of Andrew Monk's publications is also available here.

Downloadable Teaching Stuff

My statistics notes are based on the introductory sections of my book
Monk, A.F. Exploring statistics with MINITAB: a workbook for the behavioural sciences, Wiley, 1991, pp 247.
which is now out of press.

The notes take a pragmatic approach to statistics and avoid the use of fomulea. I could have called it "Learning statistics without sigma". The assumption is that they are also learning to carry out the calculations with a computer, not with a calculator as so many texts seem to assume.

The contents include:

Guidelines for the use of multiple choice and computer presented tests for university assessment.

Snow, H., Monk, A.F. & Thompson, P. (1996) Guidelines for the use of multiple choice and computer presented tests for university assessment. Psychology Software News, 7, 4-8.

Other downloadable stuff (slides and letters)

Lords select committee presentation

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