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Andrew Monk

Professor Andrew Monk, University of York

Professor Andrew Monk, Department of Psychology

My current research is to understand what people want from the technology in their homes. A particular interest is technology to maintain the independence of older people, e.g., banking for the over 80s, help with activities of daily living for people with dementia and mainstream assistive technology. View my efforts to present this research to the wider public at

I have a long history in usability research, particularly lightweight methods for use by designers and videoconferencing.

I am Emeritus Professor of Psychology and Director of CUHTec at the University of York, visiting Professor at Culture lab, Newcastle University and was a Fellow of the British Computer Society. I was elected to the CHI Academy in 2005. I took my pension in October 2010 but am still working in this area.

For a fuller CV see my LinkedIn profile.

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Department of Psychology, University of York, York. UK. YO1 5DD.

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The n-backer software described in Monk, A.F., Jackson, D., Nielsen, D. , Jefferies, E. and Olivier, P. (2011) "N-backer: An auditory n-back task with automatic scoring of spoken responses", Behavior Research Methods, 43, 888-896. can be downloaded from here and is described briefly here

See Eighty Something to find out about the work we are doing with 80 and 90 year olds in the "New Approaches to Banking for the Older Old project".

Access a complete list of my publications.

See CUHTec (Centre for Usable Home Technology) for summaries of the work we are doing on home technology at Newcastle and York Universities. Also the courses and training that I am involved in.


You can also access a list of my publications under the headings: books, parts of books and journal articles. You can also access a short summary of my interests in: See alsodown loadable stuff.


Teachers of Statistics may be interested in StatsTest a set of materials for use in assessment. You can also dowload my statistics notes (just less than 100 pages).

See alsodown loadable stuff.

Other HCI:

I was Chair of the British HCI Group, a specialist group of the British Computer Society from 1997-2001. To find out about the great work on HCI at York visit York HCI Group. See alsoDownloadable tutorial guides in HCI

Famous relatives:

In case you confuse us, my slightly younger brother Tim is a psychologist and well known for his work on circadian rhythm, shift work, jet lag etc. My much younger brother is a computer scientist known for his wonderful hobbyist electronics books.