Welcome to the homepage of Professor Andrew Weller, Department of Chemistry, University of York. Research in the Weller group is based upon synthetic organometallic chemistry and catalysis, and in particular the generation and stabilisation of transition metal complexes with a low coordination number. These complexes often show very interesting, and novel structures, that display C–H, B–H and C–C bonding modes (via agostic or sigma interactions). Not only are we interested in the fundamentals of synthesis, bonding and structure of these complexes, but we also have a focus on their use and development in challenging catalytic bond transformations, such as C–H, B–H and C–C activation.


Amine-Borane Dehydropolymerization using Rh-based Pre-Catalysts: Resting State, Chain-Control and Efficient Polymer Synthesis.

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ACS Catal. 2020, 10, 7443 [.pdf]
(with G. C. Lloyd Jones, University of Edinburgh)

Si–C(sp3) Bond Activation Through Oxidative Addition at a Rh(I) centre

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Dalton Trans. 2020, 49, 5416 [.pdf]
(with M. Huertos, University of the Basque Country)

Tolerant to Air σ–Alkane Complexes by Surface Modification of Single Crystalline Solid–State Molecular Organometallics using Vapour–Phase Cationic Polymerisation: SMOM@polymer

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Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 4328. [.pdf]

A Structurally Characterized Cobalt(I) σ–Alkane Complex

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Angew. Chem. 2020, 59, 6177 [.pdf]
(with S. Macgregor, Heriot–Watt)
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Solid–state Molecular Organometallic Catalysis in Gas/Solid Flow (Flow-SMOM) as Demonstrated by Efficient Room Temperature and Pressure 1–Butene Isomerization.

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ACS Catalysis 2020, 10, 1984 [.pdf]

A Simple Cobalt–Based Catalyst System for the Controlled Dehydropolymerisation of H3B·NMeH2 on the Gram-Scale

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Chem. Commun. 2020, 56, 482 [.pdf]

Synthesis of highly fluorinated arene complexes of [Rh(chelating phosphine)]+ cations, and their use in synthesis and catalysis.

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Chem. Eur. J. 2020, 26, 2883 [.pdf]
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