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Dr David Halliday
Department of Electronics
University of York
United Kingdom

Telephone : + 44 (0)1904 432345
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Email: dh20@ohm.york.ac.uk
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Research Pages: 
Introductory Research Page

Penalty Kicks; Neural Networks; Brains and Neural Coding
(Studies in Human Motor Control)
Multivariate Fourier Analysis of Neural Data
Neural Modelling and Neural Computing Pages
Dynamic Modulation of Neural Bandwidth

The Role of Correlated Synaptic Activity in Neural Integration
Poster for SFN 2005 is here

Modeling in the Neurosciences
The data for chapter 20 is here
Publications Page
Looking for a PhD Research Project?
The NeuroSpec statistical signal processing software archive is available at:
NeuroSpec small logo    http://www.neurospec.org/

Version 2.0 of NeuroSpec released Feb 2008.
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