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Supporting Material

Material is provided here in support of the above titled submission to the IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing. It is divided into 5 sections indexed by the tabs on the left.

Audio Examples

In this section examples are provided of the result of convolving the impulse responses produced by simulation (the vocal tract transfer function) with the electroglottogram waveforms captured during benchmarking (representating a linearly decoupled source waveform).

Impulse Responses

In this section a number of example impulse responses produced by simulation using the 3D digital waveguide mesh to describe the vocal tract transfer function are provided.

MRI data

In this section examples of the original MRI data and segmented VTK vocal tract models are provided.


In this section electroglottogram (EGG) waveforms captured during the audio benchmarking process are provided.

Benchmark Audio

In this section, examples of the audio captured during the benchmarking process (and used to produce plots of power spectral density) is provided.