You have come to the personal webpage of Professor Jun Yuan. I have been in Physics Department of University of York since 2008. Prior to that, I held a special appointed (Chiangjiang Scholor) Chair in Department of Materials Science and Engineering in Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. I obtained my BSc degree in Physics from Imperial College, University of London (Now Imperial College of Science and Technology, London) and PhD in Solid State Physics from Cavendish Laboratory in Cambridge University.

My passion is in the understanding of physics, particularly about electrons beams and the related imaging and spectroscopy techniques, and the utilization of our understanding to study the properties and behaviour of nanomaterials and their growth mechanisms. I hope that my research can contribute to both fundamental physics as well as towards the development of advanced materials and devices.

An important part of my work is bringing the excitement and breakthrough of my research to the next generation through effective teaching. I implement this by bring the latest research advances to the undergraduate courses and teaching laboratories.

If you are interested in quantum mechanics of electron beams, or curious about the unusual behaviour of materials at nanoscale, you are welcome to join us in investigating these physics and materials science.