Robust comparison of climate models with observations using blended land air and ocean sea surface temperatures

Kevin Cowtan, Zeke Hausfather, Ed Hawkins, Peter Jacobs, Michael E. Mann, Sonya K. Miller, Byron Steinman, Martin B. Stolpe, Robert G. Way

Methods and Data

This page provides code and data required to reproduce calculations from the paper. A unix-like system is required (Linux or Mac), although a Windows system with MinGW may also do. The Climate Data Operators package is required. Python 2.6/7 is required along with the numpy/scipy and either the Scientific.IO or netcdf4-python libraries. Shell scripts require csh/tcsh. A rudimentary knowledge of the Unix command line is assumed.

CMIP-5 model outputs are required. The full ensemble data are too large to distribute from this website, and so should be obtained from the data providers. A single model output is provided for testing purposes.

  • (6Kb) Minimal computer code and notes for the blending calculation. Unpack the archive and read blend/README.
  • (700Mb) Minimal computer code, notes and test data for the blending calculation. Unpack the archive and read blend/README-runnable.
  • (20Mb). The code to reproduce all the historical/RCP8.5 calculations from the CMIP-5 source files. You will need to obtain the CMIP-5 data from ESGF and then use the make1x1.csh script to produce the regridded intermediate files.
  • Re-gridded CMIP-5 ensemble (90Gb). The CMIP-5 data are distributed by ESGF. The regridded RCP85 intermediate files can be provided on a discretionary basis due to bandwidth and storage limitations. Please ensure that you can run the test case above before requesting access to the full data, and include the results with your request.
  • (50Mb). Monthly air and blended temperatures for each model and blending method. (The original results pre-corrigendum are available here.)