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The Transactional Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics

by John G. Cramer

List of Figures

Fig. 1 The Freedman-Clauser (FC) experiment.

Fig. 2 Propagation of advanced and retarded waves.

Fig. 3 A plane-wave transaction.

Fig. 4 Representation of general transaction model.

Fig. 5 Minkowski diagram of Freedman-Clauser experiment.

Fig. 6 Renninger's Negative-Result Experiment.

Fig. 7 Wheeler's Delayed-Choice Experiment.

Fig. 8 Transactions in Wheeler's Delayed Choice Experiment.

Fig. 9 The Schrödinger's Cat experiment.

Fig. 10 Passage of a single photon through polarizing filters.

Fig. 11 Herbert's experiment.

Fig. 12 The Hanbury-Brown Twiss experiment.

Fig. 13 Apparatus for the AAD predictions.

Fig. 14 Transactions in the three AAD experiments.

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