Advanced Materials

for Functional Safety

Materials, Devices and Systems to Solve Engineering Safety and Reliability Problems

Highlights & News

Research Assistant Rcruitment:

We are looking to recruit a Research Assistant (RA) to develop computation models that simulate the delivery and binding of molecular biomarkers to the surface of a range of novel biosensor technologies.

A thermo-mechanical analysis on hydrogen permeation:

A novel in-situ technique is employed to measure hydrogen permeation in lubricated contacts to predict premature failure in machinary systems such as wind turbines. (link).

New analysis on the mechanical behaviour of silicon nanostructures for electromechanical devices:

Experimental observations are combined with atomic simulations to o investigate the impact of native oxide on the embedded stress in Silicon nanostructures. A significant tensile stress in Silicon Nanowires is observed as a direct outcome of native oxide formation. (link).

Emerging Advanced Materials into Functional Safety Applications

Multiscale Micro and Nano-Devices
Biosensor Reliability
Functional Safety in Hydrogen Technology
Nanoresonator Embedded in Thick SOI
Battery Fire Shielding


The main focus of our research group is enabled by advanced materials and innovative design. The primary goal of our research is directed towards understanding premature failure and integrity problems from fundamental characteristics. Our research approach is to improve system reliability and functional safety to prevent unexpected faults and develop a better operational performance. This can be achieved by exploring uniques behaviour in materials and innovative multiphysics design from atomic scales towards matured technologies to solve performance-related problems.

Our research activities focus on:


Advanced Materials: 2D Materials, Nanowires, Nanocomposites, Biomaterials

Microsystems and Nanotechnologies: MEMS/NEMS, Smart Coating, Thin Films

Computational Modelling: Finite Element Methods, Multiscale Modelling, Molecular Dynamics Simulations


Energy: Batteries and Electronic Devices Safety, Machinery Performance

Biomedical technologies: Biosensors Reliability and Performance, Soft Robots Shape Tracking

Sensors and Actuators: Sensitive Motion Sensors, High Resolution Signal Generators