My main interests over the years have been cultural - a love of architecture , sport and cycling, friends, family and fun, though almost certainly not in that order.


We have the privilege to live in a grade II listed Georgian townhouse in the centre of the beautiful city of York. I have always had an interest in architecture, particularly in the buildings of countries with a warm climate. such as Italy, Spain and Greece. This interest has led me to investigate the use of entasis in architecture.



Throughout my life I have played many sports; football, cricket, rugby, squash, golf, netball, rounders, running. All with an equal lack of ability. The main consequence of this activity is ruined knees and lower back pain.


As well as cycling every day to work, I am a voluntary ranger for Sustrans. Here on the C2C ride across the north of England..


I don’t really enjoy having fun, but many of my friends and family do. So I always feel obliged to keep them company.....

IMG_3632 dep cricket
IMG_3385 IMG_0545


Although my modesty is legendary, I have been on radio and TV a number of times. These pictures show me in the Green Room with some of my media chums. Note how Matthew always gets in the pictures too... Thanks to Karen for taking them!

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