Biomolecular Electronics Group

Dr Steven Johnson


News: A new inter-disciplinary collaboration between the Departments of Electronics, (Steve Johnson), Physics (Thomas Krauss) and Biology (Mark Coles) has been awarded a grant from the BBSRC to fund the development of a new imaging technology for monitoring inter-cellular communication.


Department of Electronics, University of York, Heslington, York, YO10 5DD

Research within the Biomolecular Electronics Group is focussed on the integration, detection and manipulation of biological materials, such as DNA, peptides and proteins, with nanoelectronic devices. Our ultimate goal is to develop bioelectronic systems that merge the functions and properties of biological systems, such as chemical synthesis, mechanical motion and molecular recognition with the world of electronics. This requires a highly multi-disciplinary approach to research and we collaborate closely with scientists and engineers from within physics, chemistry, molecular biology and the clinical sciences.