Marta Roselló-Merino, Matthias Bechmann, Angelika Sebald, Susan Stepney.
Classical Computing in Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

International Journal of Unconventional Computing . 6(3-4):163-195, 2010


As part of our longer term research objective of using the complex structure and dynamics of matter to perform non classical in materio computation, we show how to use NMR to perform classical computation. We describe three different approaches of using NMR to implement a single universal logic gate, and a circuit of these gates combined in parallel and in sequence that implement other logic gates, including various optimisations, and, in one case, a half-adder circuit. We then show how the three approaches are just specific instances of a more general approach set in a rich parameter space, and discuss how this parameter space might be exploited for more sophisticated computations.

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