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Lester del Rey, ed.
Best Science Fiction Stories of the Year.


Philip Jose Farmer. The Sliced-Crosswise Only-On-Tuesdays World.
Robert Silverberg. Good News from the Vatican. 1971
James Tiptree Jr. I'll Be Waiting For You When the Swimming Pool Is Empty. 1971
David M. Locke. The Power of the Sentence.
Harry Harrison. The Wicked Flee.
Thomas N. Scortia. When You Hear the Tone.
Theodore Sturgeon. Occam's Scalpel.
Burt K. Filer. Hot Potato.
Harlan Ellison, A. E. van Vogt. The Human Operators.
A. Lentini. Autumntime.
Poul Anderson. A Little Knowledge. 1971
W. Macfarlane. To Make a New Neanderthal.
R. A. Lafferty. The Man Underneath.
B Alan Burhoe. Ornithanthropus.
Larry Niven. Rammer. 1971

Lester del Rey.
The Early Del Rey Volume 1.


The Faithful. 1938
Cross of Fire. 1939
Anything. 1939
Habit. 1939
The Smallest God. 1940
The Stars Look Down. 1940
Doubled in Brass. 1940
Reincarnate. 1940
Carillon of Skulls. 1941
Done Without Eagles. 1940
My Name Is Legion. 1942
Though Poppies Grow. 1942

Lester del Rey.
The Early Del Rey Volume 2.


Lunar Landing. 1942
Fifth Freedom. 1943
Whom the Gods Love. 1943
Though Dreamers Die. 1944
Fool's Errand. 1951
The One-Eyed Man. 1945
And the Darkness. 1950
Shadows of Empire. 1950
Unreasonable Facsimile. 1952
Conditioned Reflex. 1951
Over the Top. 1949
Wind Between the Worlds. 1951
(bibliography 1938-1952).