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Thomas M. Disch.
Under Compulsion (== Fun with Your New Head) .


Come To Venus Melancholy.
Casablanca. 1968
Moondust, the Smell of Hay, and Dialectical Materialism. 1968
Nada. 1968
The Squirrel Cage. 1968
Linda and Daniel and Spike. 1968
Flight Useless, Inexorable the Pursuit. 1968
The Contest. 1968
Thesis on Social Forms and Social Controls in the U.S.A.. 1968
Descending. 1968
The Roaches. 1968
The City of Penetrating Light. 1968
The Number You Have Reached. 1967
The Empty Room. 1968
1-A. 1968
Now Is Forever. 1968
Fun With Your New Head. 1968

Thomas M. Disch.
On SF.
University of Michigan Press. 2005