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Ben R. Finney, Eric M. Jones, eds.
Interstellar Migration and the Human Experience: proceedings of the Conference on INterstellar Migration, Los Alamos, May 1983.
University of California Press. 1985

The papers are arranged in five sections: Resources: Human, Technological, and Cosmic; Demography and Economics: Growth of the Human Tribe; Migrating Societies; Speciation; Is Anybody Home?


The Exploring Animal. 1985
William K. Hartmann. The Resource Base in Our Solar System. 1985
David Brin. Rocs' Eggs and Spider Webs: The First Hard Step Toward Building Starships. 1985
David R. Criswell. Solar System Industrialization: Implications for Interstellar Migrations. 1985
Eric M. Jones, Ben R. Finney. Fastships and Nomads: Two Roads to the Stars. 1985
J. B. Birdsell. Biological Dimensions of Small, Human Founding Populations. 1985
Kenneth W. Wachter. Predicting Demographic Contours of an Interstellar Future. 1985
William A. Hodges. The Division of Labor and Interstellar Migration: A Response to Demographic Contours. 1985
Eric M. Jones, Ben R. Finney. Comment on Hodges's "The Division of Labor". 1985
Ben R. Finney. Voyagers into Ocean Space. 1985
Richard B. Lee. Models of Human Colonization: San, Greeks, and Vikings. 1985
Ben R. Finney. The Prince and the Eunuch. 1985
Alfred W. Crosby. Life (With All Its Problems) in Space. 1985
Nancy Makepeace Tanner. Interstellar Migration: The Beginning of a Familiar Process in a New Context. 1985
Douglas W. Schwartz. The Colonizing Experience: A Cross-Cultural Perspective. 1985
Edward Regis. The Moral Status of Multigenerational Interstellar Exploration. 1985
James W. Valentine. The Origins of Evolutionary Novelty and Galactic Colonization. 1985
Michael H. Hart. Interstellar Migration, the Biological Revolution, and the Future of the Galaxy. 1985
William I. Newman, Carl Sagan. Nonlinear Diffusion and Population Dynamics. 1985
Jill Tarter. Planned Observational Strategy for NASA's First Systematic Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI). 1985