Short works

Books : reviews

Kenneth E. Kinnear Jr, ed.
Advances in Genetic Programming.
MIT Press. 1994


A Perspective on the Work in this Book. 1994
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Alternatives in Automatic Function Definition: A Comparison of Performance. 1994
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Astro Teller. The Evolution of Mental Models. 1994
Craig W. Reynolds. Evolution of Obstacle Avoidance Behavior: Using Noise to Promote Robust Solutions. 1994
Conor Ryan. Pygmies and Civil Servants. 1994
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Graham Spencer. Automatic Generation of Programs for Crawling and Walking. 1994
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Howard Oakley. Two Scientific Applications of Genetic Programming: Stack Filters and Non-Linear Equation Fitting to Chaotic Data. 1994
Simon G. Handley. The Automatic Generation of Plans for a Mobile Robot via Genetic Programming with Automatically Defined Functions. 1994
Eric V. Siegel. Competitively Evolving Decision Trees Against Fixed Training Cases for Natural Language Processing. 1994
Jan Jannink. Cracking and Co-Evolving Randomizers. 1994
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Frederic Gruau. Genetic Micro Programming of Neural Networks. 1994