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Murray Leinster.
Doctor to the Stars.


The Grandfathers' War. 1957
Med Ship Man. 1963
Tallien Three. == The Hate Disease. 1963

Murray Leinster.
Get Off My World!.
Belmont. 1948


Planet of Sand. 1948
Second Landing. 1953
White Spot. 1955

Murray Leinster.
Four from Planet 5.
Gold Medal Books. 1959

The radio and television stations of the world carried the short, terrifying statement: The visitors were telepaths. These children from another time, another planet, were able to read human minds. They were utterly invincible. And they were infinitely dreaded. …

In the Pentagon and the Kremlin, leaders were grim with the awareness that all military secrets would be exposed. … The overlords of the underworld realized the children could smash their most profitable rackets. … And even ordinary citizens shuddered at the prospect of their shabby sins being found out.

So four small children came to be hated by the entire world. A whole civilization wanted them dead.

Murray Leinster.
This World is Taboo.
Ace. 1961

Land on Dara? One might as well commit suicide! Untouchable, like the Darans—that’s what they’d call Calhoun if he broke the quarantine. And they’d wipe him out on sight. But Dara needed him and that was the kind of challenge this Interstellar Med Serviceman would never dodge.

Murray Leinster.
Operation Terror.
Tandem. 1962

The radar-complex had picked up the strange object in space just as it neared the earth’s surface. It was described as ‘an object of considerable size’. The impact of its landing at Boulder Lake Park, Colorado was felt on every seismograph in the world. Then the first reports began to trickle in: there were ‘creatures’ on board—creatures who soon left their ship and began exploring the area …

Where was the ship from, and what was the quest of the strange visitors—armed with a terrifying paralysis ray—who had come to call on earth …

Murray Leinster.
S.O.S. From Three Worlds.
Ace. 1966

Virtually the only connecting links between the innumerable colonized planets were the Med Ships—lone starships carrying only one man and one beast. These trained teams of super-medical engineers took their lives in their hands on every planetfall. And for the team of Calhoun and Murgatroyd, three calls for help meant three challenges beyond all the experiences of all their systems.

Plague, mystery, and menace marked the missions—and the human enemies they faced on each world were just as virulent as the microscopic ones.


Plague on Kryder II. 1959
Ribbon in the Sky. 1964
Quarantine World. 1966