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Traian Muntean, ed.
Parallel Programming of Transputer Based Machines: 7th occam User Group.
IOS. 1988

(read but not reviewed)

This volume contains nearly all papers which were presented at the 7th Technical Meeting of the Occam User Group (OUG). The meeting was held 14-16th September 1987 in Grenoble, France.

The main aim of the Occam User Group is to act as an independent forum for the exchange of ideas, results and information in research and development of projects in the area of parallel systems design and programming using various communicating processes oriented approaches for transputer based machines.

The 7th meeting of the OUG was the first one outside the UK and was organized by IMAG-University of Grenoble. The meeting draw nearly 250 delegates from four continents.

The papers collected in this volume cover topics such as: methodology of Occam programming, parallel asynchronous algorithms, control of real parallelism in highly parallel machines of transputers, applications in scientific programming, real-time processing, image processing, etc. About 40 papers were presented together with some posters which have been included into this volume as well.


Roger Shepherd. Security aspects of occam 2. 1988
Conor O'Neill. The TDS occam 2 debuggin system. 1988
Geraint Jones. On guards. 1988
David J. Pritchard. Mathematical models of distributed computation. 1988
Michael Goldsmith. occam transformation at Oxford. 1988
A. W. Roscoe. Routing messages through networks: an exercise in deadlock avaoidance. 1988
Danny Crookes, P. L. Kilpatrick, P. Milligan, P. J. Morrow, N. S. Scott. LATIN: a language for transputer networks. 1988
D. L. McBurney, M. Ronan Sleep. Experiments with transputer-based idffusion architecture. 1988
Tricia Beynon, Nigel Dodd. The implementation of multi-layer perceptrons on transputer networks. 1988
A. Johannet, G. Loheac, L. Personnaz, Isabelle Guyon, Gerard Dreyfus. A transputer-based neurocomputer. 1988
V. Martorana, M. Migliore, S. L. Fornili. Molecular dynamics simulation of Lennard-Jones Systems: parallel implementation on transputer networks. 1988
Peter H. Welch. Managing hard real-time demands on transputers. 1988
Alan Burns, Andy J. Wellings. occam's priority model and deadline scheduling. 1988
Peter C. Capon, Adrian J. West. Monitoring occam channels by program transformation. 1988
Traian Muntean, J. Eudes, L. Mugwaneza, C. Tricot. Operating (reconfigurable) networks of transputers. 1988
J. E. Boillat, P. G. Kropf, D. Chr. Meier, A. Wespi. An analysis and reconfiguration tool for mapping parallel programs onto transputer networks. 1988
N. J. Edwards, M. H. Barton. An occam architecture for reconfigurable systems. 1988
Monika Mevenkamp, Sigi Streitz. Transputer and parallel computation at GMD. 1988
Jeff Reynolds, David (2) Lyons. Transputers and parallel Prolog. 1988
David Bosley, Jonathan Mortimer. A real-time Prolog compiler for multi-transputer architectures for knowledge based systems applications. 1988
A. P. Dixon, J. F. Baldwin. Data structures for parallel architectures in artificial intelligence. 1988
J. G. Harp, K. J. Palmer, H. C. Webber. Image processing on the reconfigurable transputer processor. 1988
Susan Stepney. GRAIL: Graphical Representation of Activity, Interconnection and Loading. 1988
full paper
Yvon Kermarrec, Robert Rannou. A transputer network simulator. 1988
M. Meriaux, A. Atamenia, E. Lepretre. A transputer-based architecture for graphics. 1988
Ian Gorton. A distributed architecture for simulating microprocessor systems. 1988
Andre W. P. Bakkers, R. M. A. van Rooij, L. James. Design of a real-time operating system (RTOS) for robot control. 1988
Shimei Tian, Genshen Xu, Yoh-han Pau, William L. Schultz. Use of ocaam and the transputer architecture for matrix inversion. 1988
D. Lafaye de Micheaux, A. Maurin. Traitements statistiques sur une acrchitecture multi-transputers. 1988
Jean Michel Favre, Chris Coray. A parallel processing architecture for ODEs. 1988
Alain Cosnuau, Olivier Poirel. Some numerical experiments on transputers networks. 1988
J. S. R. Alves Filho, D. R. J. Owen. Using transputers in finite elements calculations: a first approach. 1988
Klaas Wijbrans, Rob Kurver. The development of a parallel C compiler. 1988
N. H. Garnett. Helios: an operating system for the transputer. 1988
Richard Hilhorst. Paralellisation of computational algorithms for a transputer network: an approach. 1988
S. Niar, G. Goncalves, M. P. Lecouffe, B. Toursel. The occam processes of the N-ARCH kernel. 1988
Pierre Patry, J.-C. Salome, P. Kuchler. Optical character recognition on a network of transputers. 1988
D. Call. The knapsack solver: a benchmark for parallel computing systems. 1988
Denis Gassilloud, Bernard Mignot. Ray-tracing on super-node. 1988
Y. Ansade, R, Cornu-Emieux, D. Lattard, G. Mazare, P. Objois. Simulation fonctionnelle d'une architecture parallele en occam. 1988