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Andre Norton.
The Sioux Spaceman.
Ace. 1960

Andre Norton.
Operation Time Search.
Fawcett Crest. 1967

Andre Norton.
High Sorcery.


Wizard's World. 1976
Through the Needle's Eye. 1970
By a Hair. 1970
Ully the Piper. 1970
Toys of Tamisan. 1969

Andre Norton.
No Night Without Stars.
Ballantine. 1975

Andre Norton.
Wraiths of Time.
Tor. 1976

Andre Norton.
Brother to Shadows.
Avon. 1993

Andre Norton, Susan M. Shwartz.
Empire of the Eagle.

[historical fantasy set in Rome and China]

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Andre Norton, Mercedes Lackey.
Tiger Burning Bright.
Avon. 1995

rating : 6 : unfinishable
review : 5 September 1998

The city of Merina is rich and undefended, and falls prey to the conquering Emperor Balthasar, his dark mage Apolon, and his heir Leopold. The dowager queen Adele, her daughter queen Lydana, and the heir Shelyra surrender the city to save it from destruction, but go underground to fight back against the conquerors.

Ho hum. I said the Eight Dreadful Words on page 179, and stopped reading, when I got too bored just waiting for something to happen. By this stage we've had lots of background introductory material, on the three Merinan women, the three enemy men, and various other 'colourful' characters. But that's all we've had (apart from a little heavy-handed foreshadowing about evil gems), it's nearly half-way into the book, and I'm bored.

Maybe the problem is that each of the three writers has provided one book's worth of build-up, all lumped together? Or maybe the problem is that I don't like the kind of plot structure where things get worse, and worse, and worse, and ... until, finally, the characters do something. Maybe the writers are trying to draw a picture of a situation so bad that even the 'ordinary' folk will revolt; I'm just sitting there saying "what are you waiting for: fight back, dammit!"

Andre Norton.
Star Soldiers.
Baen. 2001

Andre Norton.
Star Guard.

Andre Norton.
Star Rangers (== Last Planet) .

Andre Norton.

(read but not reviewed)

Andre Norton.
Night of Masks.
Gollancz. 1964

Andre Norton.
Judgment on Janus.
Ace. 1963

(read but not reviewed)

Andre Norton.
Victory on Janus.

(read but not reviewed)

Andre Norton.
Flight in Yiktor.

Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith.
Derelict for Trade.
Tor. 1997

Andre Norton, Sherwood Smith.
A Mind for Trade.
Tor. 1997

Marion Zimmer Bradley, Julian May, Andre Norton.
Black Trillium.
Grafton. 1990

(read but not reviewed)

An epic of magic, love and treachery

Marion Bradley, Julian May and Andre Norton – separately, each author has millions of books in print and a legion of devoted fans. Now, in Black Trillium, the three have combined their talents in a masterpiece of imagination which will captivate every one of those readers.

Late one stormy night three infant princesses are born. As each baby is placed into her mother’s arms, so the Archimage Binah bestows on her a gift of great power: a pendant containing a bud of the long-extinct Black Trillium. One day that power will be all that protects the princesses from certain doom…

Andre Norton, ed.
Tales of the Witch World.
Pan. 1987

(read but not reviewed)


On the Shaping of Ulm's Heir. 1987
Robert Bloch. Heir Apparent. 1987
Wilanne Schneider Belden. Fenneca. 1987
A. C. Crispin. Bloodspell. 1987
Charles de Lint. The White Road. 1987
Marylois Dunn. Cat and the Other. 1987
Pauline M. Griffin. Oath-Bound. 1987
James R. Heidbrink. Of Ancient Swords and Evil Mist. 1987
Caralyn Inks. Nine Words in Winter. 1987
Mercedes Lackey. Werehunter. 1987
(Set in Andre Norton's Witch World universe.) Glenda is offered escape from her intolerable life, into a world where she is a were-leopard. Her life gets much better, until the villagers put a werehunter on her trail.
Ardath Mayhar. Neither Rest nor Refuge. 1987
Sasha Miller. To Rebuild the Eyrie. 1987
Elizabeth Ann Scarborough. Milk from a Maiden's Breast. 1987
Mary H Schaub. Night Hound's Moon. 1987
Carol Sverance. Isle of Illusion. 1987
Kiel Stuart. Green in High Hallack. 1987
Robert E. Vardeman. The Road of Dreams and Death. 1987

Andre Norton.
Spell of the Witch World.

(read but not reviewed)


Dragon Scale Silver. 1972
Dream Smith. 1972
Amber Out of Quayth. 1972