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James Noble, Charles Weir.
Small Memory Software: patterns for systems with limited memory.
Addison Wesley. 2001

The market for PDA software is huge and growing. Within five years, a significant proportion of the world population will use a smart, internet-ready mobile phone. A PC in every home? Maybe, but just as likely is a PDA in every pocket! This book offers you state-of-the-art programming solutions for small memory devices. You will learn the best, most successful design techniques for object-oriented programming in constrained memory situations.

If you are a developer, team leader, or manager building applications for limited-memory systems, you will find everything you need to design and implement effective software with success.

• 27 patterns, fully illustrated with implementation notes for reference, plus example code in C++ or Java
• Patterns organized into five major techniques: small data structures, memory allocation, compression, secondary storage, and small architecture
• Easy-to-use layout, with a quick-reference pattern index on the inside covers
• Tips on efficient memory allocation, dealing with memory exhaustion, using ROM instead of RAM, avoiding memory leaks, and automatically recycling unused memory
• An accompanying website,, containing detailed implementations of all the substantial examples in the book, which can be used as templates for your own implementations.