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Books : reviews

Joanna Russ.
And Chaos Died.
Ace. 1970

Joanna Russ.
The Female Man.
Bantam. 1975

rating : 2.5 : great stuff

powerful feminist polemic

Joanna Russ.
We Who Are About To . . ..
Women's Press. 1977

Joanna Russ.
The Two of Them.
Berkley. 1978

Joanna Russ.
Extra(ordinary) People.
St Martin's Press. 1984


Souls. 1981
The Mystery of the Young Gentleman. 1982
Bodies. 1984
What Did You Do During the Revolution, Grandma?. 1983
Everyday Depressions. 1984

Joanna Russ.
Picnic on Paradise.
Ace. 1968

(read but not reviewed)

Joanna Russ.
The Adventures of Alyx (== Alyx) .
Women's Press. 1976

(read but not reviewed)


The Second Inquisition. 1970
Bluestocking. == The Adventuress. 1967
I Thought She Was Afeard Till She Stroked My Beard. == I Gave Her Sack and Sherry. 1967
The Barbarian. 1968
Picnic on Paradise. 1968