Conspiracy: Worldcon '87

45th World Science Fiction Convention
27 August - 1 Sept 1987, Brighton

GoHs: Doris Lessing, Alfred Bester (unable to attend due to ill health), Arkady & Boris Strugatsky, (film SFX) Ray Harryhausen, (artist) Jim Burns, (fan) Joyce & Ken Slater, (fan) Dave Langford

My first Worldcon. I thought the whole thing was brilliant, even as I picked my way through the building site masquerading as an hotel, run by the 'Manager from Hell'. This was the year 'Brighton Metropole' became a dirty word in fandom.

Programme highlights

: A Tower in Beleriand -- Perspectives on Tolkein in an Anniversary Year. A very softly spoken, 'more in sorrow than in anger', diatribe against Christopher Tolkien for milking Middle Earth by publishing anything and everything [or, as Dave Langford calls it, the 'Book of Lost Laundry Lists'].
  • Dave Langford : The Ansible Review of the Year The Silence of the Langford
  • ]