Answering Machines of Harlech

Heather Rose Jones

TTTO: Men of Harlech

I had fun once writing some filks-of-filks answering machine messages -- I even used a couple at various times, although my favorite was a little on the long side.

(essential information: at the time I wrote this, I was using the SCA name "Keridwen", hence the reference)

If you want to talk to Heather,
Keridwen or whom-so-ever,
There are times that could be better,
For I'm not at home.

I might have stepped out for an hour,
Or be somewhere picking flowers,
Or I might be in the shower
And can't hear the phone.

Here is what to do, then,
If you have a question,
Or want to speak about my week
Or any other subject you can mention.

Don't stand there like a piece of lumber,
I will try to call before I slumber,
If you leave your name and number
When you hear the tone.