In the Long Run...

Kay Shapero

August 1999

TTTO: Wonderful World (Sam Cooke)

inspired by a short thread about vampires taking a short term view, and not being very good at physics...

Don't know beans about chemistry
Even less biology
Never opened up a physics tome
Who needs study? Nights are when I roam

 But I know if we put out the sun
 I'd have far more time to have my fun
 What an great endless night it would be.

Spread the nightime over here and far
All the world is now my salad bar
Come out every time I feel the need
Never worry about where I can feed

 No more light except the stars on high
 No more moon?  That's odd, I wonder why
 Well this great endless night is for me

     Night and night, time is no more
     At least from what I can see
     Now it seems, prey's growing slower
     Well that's all right with me...

Endless snowflakes fall from overhead
All the prey I find's already dead
When at last it stops I switch to bat
Time to fly.. huh?  what?  I fall down splat!?

 Run forever still no prey in sight
 Why are all the stars so very bright?
 What a long endless night this will be.