Windows On My Mind 1.1

Tom Holt

June 1999

TTTO: Windmills of My Mind

Like a swiftly falling glider
As it plunges to the deck;
Like a fly caught by a spider
As her fangs meet in his neck;
Like a monkey dragged protesting
To a lab forlorn and bare,
To assist them with their testing
For the latest cancer scare;
Like a broker in a panic
When his cheques won't clear the bank;
Like the crew of the Titanic
Still aboard her when she sank;
That's how I feel, ‘cos I hate
Using Windows 98.

If you thought they'd made it better,
Then beware! They've made it worse.
You'd be well advised to get a
Priest to exorcise the curse.
You might think it's still in beta,
As you suffer, squeal and writhe;
How could Microsoft create a
Program worse than ‘95?
If you ask "Why the furore?"
We're not happy girls and boys
Using Internet Explorer
‘Cos we haven't any choice.
We're abandoned to our fate,
Using Windows 98