The Sixth Sense

1999 / TV

SF elements



Dr Malcolm Crowe [Bruce Willis], [Cole and Crowe] a child psychologist who badly failed one of his previous patients, feels he can make up for that mistake by helping Cole Sear [Haley Joel Osment], a young boy who is similarly disturbed. Crowe thinks his troubles may be due to his parents' divorce, or to being bullied at school, or even that his mother may be abusing him. But as the story slowly unfolds, we learn that his problem is that he sees dead people, "all the time".

[Cole Sear]

This is very slow and measured, but utterly marvellous chilling ghost story told, on the whole, without blood and gore or violent effects. Osment gives a stunningly brilliant performance as the tortured and bewildered youngster struggling to cope with horrific visions, slowly coming to trust and confide in his doctor, who even more slowly comes to believe him. There is a wonderfully clever twist ending (which I never saw coming, even though I knew there was a twist) -- but even without that, the whole story is excellent.

Rating: 2

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reviewed 2 February 2003