2000 / TV

SF elements

selling soul to devil in exchange for wishes (a "remake" of the 1967 Peter Cook and Dudley Moore film.)


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Elliot Richards [Brendan Fraser] is a painfully shy geek who is offered seven wishes in exchange for his soul by the devil [Elizabeth Hurley]. He takes some convincing, but is eventually tempted by the thought of finally going out with Alison, who he has admired from afar for four years.

Of course, all his wishes go wrong. The fun is watching all the various different and amusing ways they do go wrong, as he finds himself variously as a Colombian drug baron, Mr Sensitive, a pro basketball player, a wit, President of the United States, etc. The meta-fun is working out how one would have more carefully specified the wishes oneself.

Mind candy, but fun mind candy

Rating: 4

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reviewed 2 January 2004