The Borrowers


fantasy elements

little people living in the wainscots


The Clock family are "borrowers" -- tiny people living secretly in a house of normal human "beens", borrowing whatever they need to live. There used to be lots of them, now they are the last family of four, living in fear of been discovered and "squished" by the beens. [The Borrowers] One terrible day they learn the house is to be demolished by an evil lawyer. But then they discover the lawyer has stolen the will that proves "their" humans are the rightful owners...

Based on the children's books by Mary Norton, this is a fun adaptation. The special effects are good, with the tiny people carrying large paper clips and penlight batteries around, and making excellent use of a spring-loaded measuring tape. The fantasy feel is enhanced by the anachronisms -- it appears to be set in the 1950s, but there are several modern gadgets -- and the fact that every single car on the road, including the lawyer's "stretch limo", is some sort of Morris 1000 adds bizarre colour.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 26 December 2000