The Craft


SF elements: teen witches

The Craft

Lonely teenager Sarah [Robin Tunney] and her family move to a new area. She has a hard time fitting in, until she meets up with three other misfits -- who are looking for a fourth for their coven. With her powers to help, their spells begin to work. Initially they make their tormentors sorry, but then things start to get out of hand.

[levitation works!]

Slick and fun most of the time, but I feel two of the witches change character back and forth too fast, just to follow the plot. The "bad" witch isn't (until the very end) bad enough to warrant her punishment, and the "good" witch isn't (especially at the end) good enough to warrant her "salvation". But the snakes, bugs and maggots (which "weren't harmed" during the production) contribute to a good finale, and there are some good one-liners.

Includes a brief snatch of the song that became the title music to Charmed

[Neve Campbell, Robin Tunney]


Sarah ..... Robin Tunney
Nancy ..... Fairuza Balk
Bonnie ..... Neve Campbell
Rochelle ..... Rachel True
Chris ..... Skeet Ulrich

Rating: 4

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reviewed 21 December 2000