Freaky Friday

2003 / in-flight

SF elements

parent/child body swap


This remake of the 1980's Jodie Foster film is great fun. I watched it on a transatlantic flight, and, due to confusion with the schedules, missed the first five minutes, so didn't know what film it was until the end. [horrified realisation] However, it was interesting that my companion in the next seat and I realised it was going to be a "body swap" film at exactly the same moment.

The mother/daughter swap is done very well. Jamie Lee Curtis as the mother is very good, and acts the teenager well. Lindsay Lohan as the daughter is excellent -- her transformation from sulky teenager to horrified adult-in-teen body is superb. There are lots of good gags ( at least you know he likes you for your mind ), and the ending is not as treacly as it might have been.

Rating: 3

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reviewed 1 November 2003