Jurassic Park

SF elements

dinosaurs in the modern world
  1. Jurassic Park (1993)
  2. The Lost World: Jurassic Park (1997)
  3. Jurassic Park III (2001)


Jurassic Park

[Jurassic dinosaur] [dinosaur menaces car]

Directed by Spielberg, adapted from a Michael Crichton novel, we have dinosaurs reconstructed from their DNA running wild in their theme park, menacing paleontologists and children alike. Great SFX. Pity about the plot

Rating: 4.5

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Dr Alan Grant ..... Sam Neill
Dr Ellie Sattler ..... Laura Dern
Ian Malcolm ..... Jeff Goldblum
John Hammond ..... Richard Attenborough


The Lost World: Jurassic Park


[a big dinosaur]

It turns out that the dinosaurs aren't all dead -- in fact they're alive and well with an integrated ecology on the nearby breeding island. But John Hammond [Richard Attenborough] has had control wrested away from him, and wants to sent in an expedition to study them before the new board get control. He contacts Dr Ian Malcolm [Jeff Goldblum], who wants nothing more to do with it, until he discovers his girlfriend Dr Sarah Harding [Julianne Moore] is already on the island. So the expedition arrives, but soon so does a board-led safari, after the dinos for a zoo. Then it all starts to fall apart...

It starts with oohs and ahs, but soon it's screaming and running away.

Speilberg's sequel is marginally better than his original: it doesn't have quite so many plot idiocies. Although the two main villains do get overly-appropriate come-uppances because of their mind-blowing stupidity. Fortunately the obligatory kid is not too cute, and doesn't have too big or implausible a part. There are some good bits -- a few wonderfully acidic one-liners from Goldblum -- the heavy footsteps making ripples in the puddles, harking back to the first film -- the small rat-like dinosaurs -- the Japanese businessmen running from the T.Rex in the city. But mostly it is a straightforward, albeit well-executed, chase plot. So, take your brain out of gear, and enjoy.

Rating: 4

[ unmissable | great stuff | worth watching | mind candy | waste of time | unfinishable ]

reviewed 14 December 2000