Sky High

2005 / TV

SF elements: comic book heroes

Sky High

Will Stronghold [Michael Angarano] is the son of two superheroes, The Commander [Kurt Russell] and Jetstream [Kelly Preston]. He's about to be sent off to superhero high school, but there is one thing he hasn't told his parents: he doesn't have any superpowers. So when he gets to school, he's assigned to the "sidekicks" (or "hero support") class. But there are Villainous plans afoot, and Will must decide where his loyalties lie.

This is a fun, but undemanding, mix of "superheroes with everyday problems" and "American High School is hell". The SFX are well done, and the sidekick-as-second-class-citizen point of view adds a novel overtone to the plot. It all works out well in the end (of course), but without being overly saccharine.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 27 December 2008