My Super Ex-Girlfriend

2006 / in flight

fantasy elements

super powers


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On a 12 hour flight, I'll watch anything . Well, nearly anything.


Matt Saunders [Luke Wilson] is persuaded by his friend to ask out Jenny Johnson [Uma Thurman], a librarian he sees on a subway. At first she refuses, but, when he chases down the guy who snatches her purse, she agrees. But what Matt doesn't know is that Jenny is also G-Girl, a crime-fighting super hero (presumably it's the glasses that fool him).

As I understand it, he later dumps her, and she gets upset, and uses her superpowers to express her displeasure. But I didn't get that far. This was just so linear , and so dull, I gave up quite quickly. Maybe it was a mistake to try watching this a few hours after The Da Vinci Code , which manages to pack in 2000 years of convoluted backstory with hardly a bump, while this plods through turgid backstory without getting to any of the fun super-revenge. (I'm assuming the revenge is fun. Some of the "funny" incidents in the backstory weren't.)

Ah well. So I watched a couple of episodes of "That Mitchell and Webb Look" instead. Much better.

Rating: 6

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reviewed 10 January 2007