fantasy elements

life after death; tooth fairy


Dr Katherine Lewis [Kirstie Alley] is a dentist passionate about her profession, but not exactly a people person. After a road accident she finds herself in Limbo, and is allocated the job of Tooth Fairy while she waits her turn for Judgement. She is not impressed with the costume she has to wear, or having to deal with kids. The flying is fun, though. And very soon, the strict "don't interfere" rule is not so much broken, as irretrievably shattered.

This is a standard "be redeemed by learning to love" tale, a bit slow in places, and with an inevitable sugar-coated ending. But it is saved by some good jokes, the acidic attitude of the Tooth Fairy, and the modern outlook of the kids who can see her.

Rating: 4

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reviewed 22 December 2000