Andromeda : season 1 episodes


1.1. Under the Night -- C4, Sunday 3 March 2002
The Nietzscheans launch their attack on the Galactic Commonwealth, and the starship Andromeda Ascendant is the first casualty of the war. After being frozen in time near the event horizon of a black hole for 300 years, she is eventually salvaged by a disparate bunch of renegades from the now-collapsed Commonwealth. But to their dismay, they discover her Captain is still alive, on board, and in command.
1.2. An Affirming Flame -- C4, Sunday 10 March 2002
Captain Dylan Hunt wins back his ship, and then persuades the salvage team to be his new crew.
1.3. To Loose the Fateful Lightning -- C4, Sunday 17 March 2002
The crew find an old Commonwealth station that's home to a bunch of children, who have been keeping the Commonwealth ideals alive for 300 years, whilst all dying young of radiation sickness. They greet Hunt as their Messiah, but they take his arrival as a sign to start the war again.
1.4. D Minus Zero -- C4, Sunday 24 March 2002
Andromeda is attacked by a powerful unknown opponent. Dylan has to dive the ship into a star's corona to escape. His antic nearly cause a mutiny. In the end the unknown assailant self destructs rather than reveal their identity.
1.5. Double Helix -- C4, Sunday 31 March 2002
A group of Nietzschean pirates try to persuade Tyr to join them, and to capture the Andomeda . But Dylan outmanoeuvers the pirates, and Tyr destroys their asteroid base.
1.6. Angel Dark, Demon Bright -- C4, Sunday 7 April 2002
Andromeda slipstreams back in time, to just before the final battle of the Nietzschean Revolution
1.7. The Ties that Blind -- C4, Sunday 14 April 2002
Beka's con-artist brother arrives on Andromeda with a famous Wayist guru -- which leads to con and counter-con as Restorians try to destroy the ship.
1.8. The Banks of the Lethe -- C4, Sunday 21 April 2002
Using a 300 year time-spanning wormhole, Dylan Hunt contacts his lost love Sara, who is trying to rescue the Andromeda back in her own time.
1.9. A Rose in the Ashes -- C4, Sunday 28 April 2002
Dylan and Rommie get condemned to life on a harsh prison planet. Dylan has to fight for his food ration, and Rommie's power cells have only a few days reserve. Meanwhile, the crew of the Andromeda don't know what has happened.
1.10. All Great Neptune's Ocean -- C4, Sunday 5 May 2002
The Castalians are about to join the Commonwealth. But then their President is assassinated, and all the evidence points to Tyr. Further investigation, however, seems to show that Rommie was responsible. Dylan must find out the real assassin before Rommie's personality is wiped.
1.11. The Pearls That Were His Eyes -- C4, Sunday 12 May 2002
Beka receives a three year old distress call from her Uncle Sid [John de Lancie]. She goes to see if there's any help she can give after this time, and finds that Sid isn't quite the same person she remembers. She and Trance have to rescue themselves from a potentially fatal conflict. Meanwhile Dylan demonstrates his negotiating skills on a devious trader.
1.12. The Mathematics of Tears -- C4, Sunday 26 May 2002
The crew discover the Pax Magellanic , sister ship to Andromeda Ascendant, near a destroyed planet, and the original crew are somehow still alive. Dylan is thrilled to have a spit-and-polish crew again. But the Acting Captain is behaving oddly, and when Rommie tries to contact her sister AI, things start getting violent. "They were playing Wagner. It's the most fun I've had in six months."
1.13. Music of a Distant Drum -- C4, Sunday 2 June 2002
Tyr crashes on a strange planet, with total amnesia not helping him keep his mystery cargo safe from hostile Nietzcheans, and even more hostile normal humans.
1.14. Harper 2.0 -- C4, Sunday 9 June 2002
A dying Perseid downloads a massive amount of data into Harper's brain. Harper becomes a frenzied genius, and someone is after his head, to retrieve information about who really started the war that ended the Commonwealth.
1.15. Forced Perspective -- C4, Sunday 23 June 2002
Dylan is forced to stand trial for an alleged crime he committed 300 years earlier -- assassinating the Mobius leader. It was a covert operation that went wrong, and the collapse of the Commonwealth shortly after made the consequences even more dire. Trance breaks him out of jail, and he confronts his tormentor, but does no repeat his old mistake.
1.16. Sum of all Its Parts -- C4, Sunday 23 June 2002
An android, HG, invites Dylan to meet the machine collective, with a thought of joining forces. They go, but the collective is more interested in getting Andromeda to join it. HG is ordered to disassemble, but has learned to be an individual, and helps the crew fight the machines.
1.17. Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way -- C4, Sunday 30 June 2002
Trance and Harper run into their former employer Gerentex, who has a cunning plan to make his fortune. He captures them, they escape and capture him, he escapes, etc, etc, until they all end up finding the valuable diary whilst being persued by several gandgs of nasties. We see a slightly more ruthless side to Trance as she gets fed up with Gerentex and Harper threatening to shoot each other -- she threatens to shoot both of them. Meanwhile Dylan is initially dismayed by Beka's forceful negotiang technique.
1.18. Devil Take the Hindmost -- C4, Sunday 7 July 2002
Rev Bem receives a call from an old Wayist friend, who needs help to save a peacful colony from slavers. Dylan goes and teaches them how to fight, much to the dismay of the Wayist -- then one of the colonists decides they need more help, in the form of Rev Bem's children. Meanwhile, Andromda is off taking emergency supplies to a plague-stricken colony world.
1.19. The Honey Offering -- C4, Sunday 14 July 2002
Dylan agrees to transport a Nietzschean bride to her wedding, to help cement a peace treaty between two prides, in return for two planetary systems being allowed to join the second Commonwealth. But other Nietzschean prides want to stop the treaty, and the bride is not what she seems, either. (We learn Dylan's mother was a gene-engineered heavy-worlder.)
1.20. Star-Crossed -- C4, Sunday 4 August 2002
A Restorian terrorist ship destroys a passenger liner before Andromeda can intervene. There's only one survivor, a cyborg, Gabriel [Michael Shanks]. He and Rommie fall in love, but he turns out to be more than he seems when the crew chase down the Restorian's ex-Commonwealth battleship.
1.21. It Makes a Lovely Light -- C4, Sunday 18 August 2002
For Dylan's birthday, Beka finds a multi-slipstream route to his homeworld, the now-legendary Tarn-Vedra. But the multiple jumps put a strain on her (and nearly kill Trance), so she resorts to Flash to help her reactions, and nearly destroys the ship.
1.22. Its Hour Come 'round at Last -- C4, Sunday 1 September 2002
Harper finds a backup Rommie, but when he investigates, it takes over, and, not recognising the crew, tries to eliminate them as intruders. This Rommie is on a secret mission, and before the crew manage to get the old Rommie personality back, the ship is taken by Magoth, nearly everyone is injured, unconscious and about to die, and a trillion more Magoth are just outside... [To Be Continued]