Andromeda : season 1 review


22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

lone band of spacefarers travelling around having adventures, ostensibly engaged on some improbable task


The premis is this. There was once a powerful Commonwealth of millions of planets, but it fell during a long war between with the genetically enhanced Nietzscheans. 300 years later, Captain Dylan Hunt [Kevin Sorbo] and his warship Andromeda are salvaged from near a black hole, where very little time has passed for them. Dylan is upset to discover his way of life no longer exists, and decides his mission in life is to restore the Commonwealth [possibly because he used to be Hercules], so, along with the motley salvage crew who inadvertently rescued him, he proceeds to start the task.

This is a patchy series, with rather more promise than delivery. The preachiness gets a bit wearisome at times, but there is enough variety, enough action and space battles, enough character development and ambiguity with the crew, and hints that these scriptwriters might remember the history of previous episodes, to make this worth watching to see if it goes anywhere.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 3 September 2002