Andromeda : season 2 review


22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

lone band of spacefarers travelling around having adventures, engaged in restoring the 300-year dead Commonwealth of Planets


The second season, although still not brilliant, is somewhat better than the first, being less "enemy of the week" and more some sort of arc. They do remember the content of previous episodes, too (at the kind of level of a passing reference to Beka's drug addiciton).

The season 1 cliff-hanger of 3 trillion Magog poised to sweep over known space adds a certain urgency to the restoration of the Commonwealth. The various crew members are settling into their characters, occasionally resulting in some nice ensemble work. I'm still not sure how a giant spaceship that used to have a crew of several hundred now manages with a handful, though. And it still gets a bit preachy at times.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 15 August 2004