Babylon 5 : In the Beginning



[In the Beginning]

Emperor Londo is sitting alone in his throne room on devastated Centauri Prime, when two children burst in, demanding a story. He recounts how he was present during the time of the Earth-Minbari war.

This definitely should not be watched before the TV series, as it would simply be one spoiler after another. We get to see explicitly all the events that were oh-so-gradually revealed to us during those wonderful 5 seasons' worth of TV arc -- Delenn's role, Sheridan Star-Killer, the Battle of the Line, Sinclair's secret -- plus a bit more detail; and we get reacquainted with the characters as they were before their five years worth of change and growth. Also, it probably does not stand alone -- too many of the incidents have their full meaning only in the context of the wider series. But it brings together well all those things we've learned over the last five years.

Rating: 3

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reviewed 6 September 1998