Babylon 5 : River of Souls



[River of Souls]

We are after the end of the 5th season: Sheridan and Delenn have left B5, and Lochley is finally in charge without her command decisions being constantly second-guessed by the President. She is enjoying the relative peace, when things take a decided turn for the worse: an illegal holo-brothel is discovered on Brown level, Garibaldi returns to investigate one of Edgars Industries' "Black Projects", an archaeologist [Ian McShane] turns up with the secret of eternal life, and a Soul Hunter [Martin Sheen] arrives on the track of some stolen property. When these threads converge, the whole station is threatened with destruction.

I first saw this as a preview at the B5 Wrap Party , from near the back of a hot room full of people, with the sound track unfinished and slightly muffled, and the picture slightly blurred. I enjoyed it then, and I enjoyed it again when I watched it, fully finished, on video (although some of the rather less-sophisticated holo-brothel jokes were slightly funnier in the group...)

Rating: 3

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reviewed 27 February 1999