Babylon 5 : The Lost Tales: Voices in the Dark


69 minute episode


[Voices in the Dark DVD cover]

Ten years after the Interstellar Alliance is set up, President John Sheridan is returning to Babylon 5 for an anniversary party. As usual, things are not all calm. On B5, Colonel Elizabeth Lochley has called in a priest to exorcise the devil, putting him in a dilemma that will risk his soul either way. Meanwhile on the journey to B5, Sheridan is visited by the technomage Galen, who tells him to kill a Centauri prince who is destined to destroy Earth in 30 years time.

It's fun to catch up with the old crew (although I was never fond of the technomages). The moral dilemma in each half story is the same: temptation to perform a small act of real evil now to ensure a much larger hypothetical good later. I'm surprised the priest at least didn't recognise this hoary old chestnut. But anyway, choices are made, and consequences averted. Some good cracking one-liners, too.

Rating: 3.5

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reviewed 18 May 2008