Buffy the Vampire Slayer : season 1-2 review


season 1: 12 50 minute episodes
season 2: 22 50 minute episodes

SF elements

teen vampires


I started watching this because the reviews made it sound good, I'd recently seen and enjoyed Clueless , and, hey, it's SFnal. I continued to watch it, and gradually got totally hooked.

Buffy Summers is a normal 16-year-old high school student by day, but The Slayer by night. In every generation one is chosen to defend the world -- against evil in general, and vampires in particular -- this generation Buffy is the Chosen. And she lives in Sunnydale -- which is built over the Hellmouth...

The ordinary teen life of dating, school, and parents together with the extraordinary life of killing vampires, saving immortal souls, dying young, and preventing the End of the World, are mixed together beautifully. The juxtaposition, and the wonderful attitudes of the main cast, result in some very funny moments. Yet as the series progress, especially towards the end of season two, the arc story manages to achieve great depth and feeling, as Buffy struggles to live as normal a life as is possible for one who is the Slayer, and whose ex-boyfriend is a cursed vampire trying to send the entire world to hell.

I'm eagerly awaiting season 3...

Rating: 2.5

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reviewed 18 March 2000